Palos Trails are in 4th place in American Hiking Society/Michelob Ultra's Extra Mile campaign. As of yesterday evening, Palos Trails had 508 verified votes to fund trail work.

  • 4th place=$21,000 to improve Palos multi-use, bike optimized, natural surface trails & grow the volunteer base that works on them
  • 1st place=$26,000 to do $5 GRAND more of all of that
  • There are LESS THAN 500 VOTES between 4th place and 1st place


CAMBr's partnership with the Forest Preserves of Cook County is not only why we all get to ride in Palos, but it's also why Runner's World magazine calls Palos one of the top 25 trail runs in America.

The level of trail stewardship, where CAMBr has the capacity and permission to work, is unmatched by any other Cook County primitive trail system. You can see the difference yourself: hike the primitive trails at Swallow Cliff which are closed to CAMBr. They are an ecological disaster, a sloughing and crumbling testament to the unyielding forces of user, water, wind and sun in the absence of regular and sustainable trail stewardship.

This funding is going to give CAMBr more resources for its trail work. But it's also going to train new trail groups and conservationists to be trail stewards. That's capacity building that can boost CAMBr's work days but also take OWNERSHIP of the trail needs where they hike, run & bird, instead of ignoring as they do now.

Trails connect conservation to human well-being. Recreation to ecological stewardship. Time to pull together, and this funding is going to help Trails for Illinois kick that off.

Thanks for voting everyone. Remember to look for an email from Michelob Ultra after you vote, and respond to it so that your vote counts. It's not rigged, it's just a little clumsy.

May your home be your trailhead,

Steve Buchtel, Executive Director
Trails for Illinois
v or t: 708/365-9365

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Done! Thanks for the heads-up!

Your welcome! Thanks for the vote! Please share if you can, that helps a lot too.


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