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If you've seen a bearded weirdo staring at you as you were riding by recently, don't worry, that's just me being incredibly jealous. 

I busted my rear-end, literally, snowboarding last weekend and my saddle region is less than 100% right now.  So despite the fantastic temperatures currently it's the train for me, where I can't even sit down on those crappy plastic seats w/o my butt making a fist.  I don't think I can take it much longer!

Until I can sit down comfortably again, it's living vicariously through everyone else who's able to ride and not stuck on the train.  I guess I'll just have to doubly appreciate the riding when I'm back on a bike.

Happy holidays everyone!

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so sorry to hear this, heal well and fast.

Broken tail bone?  I did that once and not only did it hurt a lot, it took a few months to fully heal.  I suggest investing in an inflatable donut thingy like people who have hemorrhoids or rectal surgery have to use.  It may look funny, but it helps a lot when you have to sit (especially if you work at a desk job).

Ugh-- as Shay suggested tailbone injuries can linger for a loooong time-- I sure hope you beat the odds.

It should be possible to do some riding without putting pressure on the "bad" spot, no?

i broke my pelvis and sacrum (among other bones) two years ago and it was definitely an adjustment getting back to cycling, but SO rewarding when i finally could. while my first inclination was to get a cushy seat, i've found that men's road saddles are best for reducing the pain of riding since there's less surface area to come in contact with. 

i hope you're feeling better and back in the saddle soon!


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