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Why do we have tamper proof seals on all items for sale that we put in your mouth?

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because of the Tylenol killer back in the 80's. 
Excellent!  But do you know what poison the killer used?
Cyanide. And a stewardess (victim) who lived in Sandburg Village bought a bottle at my Walgreens at the corner of North and Wells.

Congrats to Both of You!

I remember living through that and all the panic.  I also remember thinking that Tylenol would surely go out of business and seeing it become the example for all the safety seals that we see today.  Every time I open a bottle with a safety wrap or I see that message about not using a product if the seal is tampered with, I can't help but wonder if the younger ones today know when and why it all started.

More Old People Trivia tomorrow!!!



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