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Oh my gosh... I have SO many chicago cycling event tees! Come n get 'em!!

More marketplace... (the loft is rented, btw!)

I'm selling all my stuff and going backpacking! I'm leaving so quickly that I have to get them all out of here, so I won't break up the lot - sorry!

They're listed on Ebay as available for pickup or ship. Great pictures of the fronts and backs of the shirts there. Item number 230360481488
The description provides front, back, and size of each shirt.

or link:

After years of working for Chicagoland Bicycle Federation turned Active Transportation Alliance and participating, volunteering, and working event after event, the collection has gotten HUGE! Some of them were hugely produced and others were extremely limited. A few that are particurlurly awesome... Roll the Tollway was a one time only boutique ride with a long sleeve technical fabric shirt. The event and the tee sold out completely. The end of Critical Mass Chicago grand finale ride 2007 tee is super limited with a skull in the center of the front logo. The Transportation Alternatives Tee is American Apparel and carries large capital letters on the back: ONE LESS CAR. Tons of fun! Available for pickup or shipping.

1. Transportation Alternatives (New York)/ONE LESS CAR, American Apparel S
2. Bike Chicago 2009/312 beer & Sponsors M
3. Chicago Critical Mass 1997-2007 skull logo/the end of Critical Mass as we know it finale ride, Sept 2007 M
4. Bike Chicago 2008 / CHASE & sponsor spread, S
5. Escape to a better route/Bike Commuter Challenge 2009 team leader, technical fabric with reflective, M
6. L.A.T.E. Ride 2009/McDonald's & sponsor, S
7. Bike the Drive/volunteer, M
8. Bicycle Commuter Challenge3 2008/Chicagoland Bicycle Federation 'Get on your bike', technical fabric, S
9. Fleet Feet Super Sprint triathlon Chicago 2008/sponsors, S
10. Chicagoland Bicycle Federation's "ROLL THE TOLLWAY" 2007 (one time EVER - sold out!), Long sleeve technical fabric, S
11. Bike the Drive 2009/Manager, S
12. Sunday Parkways (one time ever!)/Manager & Route Map, S
13. Bike the Drive 2008/Manager &, S
14. the chainlink, a Chicago online bicycle community/, S
15. Urban Assault Ride/STAFF (no sponsorship spread!) american apparel, S
16. Bike to Work Week, Colorado 2008/"share the road", S
17. Boulevard Lakefront Tour 20th annual/manager (bike image), S
18. team magellan development 200 jersey/"enough already", M
19. Climate Cycle/sponsors CUT, organic cotton, S
20. I (bike) Chicago/how do you (bike) chicago, S
21. Bike the Drive 2008/sponsors, youth M
22. NYC centruy bike tour 2007/Transportation Alternatives, organic cotton S
23. Boulevard Lakefront Tour/Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, youth L

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Great shirts Jody, sorry that they are way too small for me. Hope they sell on eBay and get a good new home. Backpacking sounds like fun. Enjoy and good luck. Ken


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