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My office's bike room has a policy that says bikes shouldn't be left overnight which no one observes. This makes sense because sometimes you really need to leave your bike overnight to avoid hazardous biking conditions among other things. Also it's just nice to give your tenants some flexibility.

So this afternoon, bike room users get an email from building management that we have to clear out bikes by the EOD or locks will be cut due to some maintenance work in the bike room. I can store my bike in my office but I predict that a handful of people are going to be very pissed off given the short notice. I wrote a thoughtful response laying out the issues with this blah blah blah and they just send a very curt response quoting the policy. 

Do you think that management would give any shits if I try to organize the other bike room folks to sign a petition to change the policy? Has anyone done this before??? Should I just shut up and be happy I have a bike room in the first place??? Please advise.

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Left overnight? That's a lame policy.

We don't have a bike room, but the whole basement in my building. Car parking and also the walls for the bikes - I've seen a few bikes there that have been left for months.

Do the petition thing.

Tend to agree, though is there any risk that the bike room could be taken away entirely if the office/building decides it's more trouble than it's worth?

Yes it's a risk-- I am about to go out of town for two days so they permitted me 'just this once' to store my bike in my office provided I remove both wheels before taking it in on the (huge) elevator up to my office. Apparently it's against management policy to take bikes through the lobby or in the elevators. They are petty mf-ers.

Is building management separate from company management or does your company own and run the building? If it's the former, then get some allies in company management—the building management works for them! If it's the latter, then, well, get some allies in company management but it might be hawkward if there's a bike-grouchy person somewhere near the top. 

Good luck!

The firm I work for is just a tenant so this is a management company enforcing these rules. They've been difficult and openly rude on a number of fronts outside of the bike room so I suspect they are just going to tell me to f off.

My building has the same policy. A big sign in the bike storage claims that people were complaining, so any bikes left after 11pm would be disposed of, and that if you have to work later to let security know.

People were complaining about old bikes?? who cares!

Not the same situation but at my girlfriend's old apartment building both indoor bike racks were always full, and it was obvious that none of the bikes were being used (flat tires, etc.). I found that annoying. But, I doubt that's what was going on here.

Lol, whoops, I replied to kb's comment without seeing this one. Yes, I observed this in the bike area of the garage of my girlfriend's old apartment building. Would have loved it if the management had done a sweep. But, 24 hours of warning is not enough. Should be more like two weeks IMHO.


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