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hmm--it would be nice if the stolen bike registry and craigslist were somehow automatically checked against eachother:

some obviously stolen bikes by this guy:


I've contacted the people on the registry.


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Thanks for keeping an eye out for that.I hope they get the people who put the bikes up.

only comes in one color.

also guy  replies with a fake name,

and tells you to meet him at an intersection 

M.A.R.K. said:

Raleigh Revenio..

Stolen - Grey/Blue

For Sale - Black

Not to mention the 1.0 is like $1800 new.  You'd have to be crazy to sell it for less than 1/3rd of that in the condition it is posted to be in.  Good looking out XV.  I feel I should also start keeping an eye out for these things as much as possible.

I googled "1-773-366-2550", the number given in the Craig's list ads.  There are a number of bikes, cameras and cell phones for sale, all at mysteriously low prices.  Since the seller seems to deal in cell phones as well as bikes, I'm guessing the number listed is probably not connected to him, but for what it's worth, 1-773-366-2550 is a cell phone based in the far south side near Pullman.


Here's a Magna Northern Cascade bike for 20 bucks:


Or an $80 Schwinn 700c Ladies Trail Way Bike


I'll email Abby, the possible owner of the Schwinn in the next few minutes.  This guy is a one-man Wrigleyville crime wave...


Or can I interest you in a cell phone?  Really cheap?


Update: I just emailed Abby, the possible Schwinn's owner, & told her to look here and at the found sales post.  I suggested she enlist the police in a sting if they'll go along.  What else should she do?  I told her not to meet with the creep by herself for her safety...


See if she, or anyone, can arrange a meeting with the help of the police.
Thanks for your community-mindedness!


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