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Probably one of those things that 100 people have already posted but danged if I see it already.....

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Looks like NYC CM might be a bit more confrontational this month.
Way to go NYPD - They look for fights. Unreal.
WOW! Let's see if they are back in the park on Saturday giving tickets that are for criminal court instead of traffic court.

We all know what happened here.


Some prominent person with some political pull has a bug up their butt about bicycles.  Perhaps they are mad that some bikes passed them while they were stuck in traffic while riding the backseat of their limo.  Maybe they had to stop and yield the right of way for a bike.  Perhaps they just don't like them riding by their homes in their exclusive neighborhoods. Maybe even a bike almost hit their unleashed dog as it ran around unattended in Central park.


So they used their influence to get the cops to "crack down" on those evil bikers -"teach them a lesson" so to speak.


Oh, this is what government is for.  A tool for the rich and powerful to oppress the common people and enforce/protect their own privilege and selfish wants.


The government:  Protecting and Serving the crap out of you...

more likely they gave a ticket to someone important (105 and west end is very nice digs) or they dumped it cause the ticket was written wrong.


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