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These awesome bags are great water proof and light weight to own for bicycling. I'm selling this one because I no longer needed I bought a backpack only I guess I'm not a pannier cyclist.

Details on bag:

It has some use no rips. I used it in a rainstorm and everything was dried inside when I got home. It needs a bit cleaning from outside not much. The brand is North St. Bags and the model is woodword backpack convertible pannier. I got it for 249 and I'm willing to let it go for 50. If you commute a lot or go on long rides this bag is perfect for you. It's red with reflective lines. It has two side bottle pockets. A rolled up top with a laptop compartment inside. Also a front pocket with Velcro and straps. All waterproof and light weight. It's a 30 liter bag.

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Hi! Long shot, but is this still available? 

no, im sorry


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