#newdadlife video - Bike lane offenders, High fives, and Cyclocross spectating.

Trails were sloppy again this weekend so I used the last cyclocross of the season race as an excuse to get out and ride. Still got yelled at. Some of the new dads out there will find this familiar.

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Try reversing the roles and see who does the "yelling."

Well we did, the day before. I spent the whole day with the baby. There was no genuine yelling done though. I actually got home before they were getting ready to leave so she was pleasantly surprised and I got to stay with the baby and she got to go out on her own. Maybe that's why she agreed to do that for the video and let me post it. I don't think she would have been fine with it otherwise lol :)

lol at the mom's expression at the end?? :)


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