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I'm new to Chicago and was wondering if there are any groups that meet regularly to go for rides around the city. I'd love to meet some other riders and get to know Chicago more. 

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Welcome. You should take a look at the "Upcoming Rides and Events" section below this discussion section. There should be something there that appeals to you.

Welcome Adam!

Welcome and also check out the Chicago Cycling Club and the Evanston Bike Club.  On the Chainlink, in particular, tours by Lee Diamond are scheduled every month in the colder months and twice a month once it warms up a bit.  

If you are downtown between 6:30 and 9:00 head over to the Daley Plaza for the Active Transportation Winter Bike to Work Rally.  Free coffee!

Welcome to ChiTown, Adam. There's also the monthly Chicago Critical Mass rides.

Welcome to Chicago! Maybe we should organize an Adams-only ride?



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