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So, Lake Bluff put up a new bike path sign a few weeks ago.  However, I only just noticed that it features a picture of a running child and an unleashed dog.   I don't know if that was by design or not.  Either way it's a nice troll. So. Slow. Clap. 

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I've noticed it takes years for local governments to make updates on the trail between Wilmette and Racine.  When they do happen they move quickly and occasionally on a relatively large scale.

i have never forgiven Lake Bluff for closing Sheridan rd to bicycle traffic. It is nearly impossible to cross Lake Bluff unimpeded north to south without being forced to take the trail. The McClory path is narrow and the pavement is terrible with numerous crossing tree roots raising big speed bumps, not to mention dog walkers, skaters, and the occasional packs of runners from Great Lakes NTC and local high school CC teams. Sheridan has relatively low vehicle traffic and was pretty safe for bike travel.

Never had a problem with the trail and Lake Bluff maintains it better than most of the other towns along it.  Mostly used it on the weekends and it never seems particularly crowded.


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