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I'd be interested to hear about new stations as they pop up.

I was excited to find a new station only 2 blocks from my house last night (a block closer than the planned location):

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Seriously, someone keeps saying "next spring" for those but I don't know where that's coming from since the Divvy site doesn't really give a timeline for planned stations.

Lincoln & Belle Plaine

How and when stations #301-400 will roll out, between now and next year, isn't clear to me.  Two stations were expanded today, so I'm guessing that there will be a period of tweaking existing stations before a lot of new ones go out.  But that's purely guessing on my part. 

More Divvy on Facebook this evening:

"Notice: Clarendon & Gordon and May & Taylor will be temporarily removed tomorrow for repaving projects. We will announce when these stations are back on the ground."

"Two other stations will also be moved tomorrow. May & Polk will move to Loomis & Lexington while Wabash & 8th will move a bit north on Wabash. Thanks for your understanding."

The Adler Planetarium

56th & Lake Park (in Hyde Park)

Wolcott & Lawrence (this serves as Lawrence/Ravenswood/Metra)

Kedzie & Palmer Court (Palmer Square)

Do we know how many stations are installed at this point?

By my count 285 are reporting as 'In Service'. 

3 are reporting as 'Not In Service'.

Now all we need is the real Andersonville stations and I can Divvy from home to the Ravenswood Metra.

I can't wait for an Andersonville station!

Duppie said:

Now all we need is the real Andersonville stations and I can Divvy from home to the Ravenswood Metra.

Washington & Ada

Taylor & Loomis (new location on Taylor)

Taylor & May

Several Divvy stations are being closed down Saturday evening for the Marathon, then reopened Sunday afternoon, after the race.  This weekend you definitely need to consult the various Divvy map apps to make sure your regular docking station is operating.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Unrelated Divvy question-- when you hit the "needs repair" button, does someone actually try out the bike?

I had one with funky shifting last night-- would only go into low and high gear.

This is a shameless plug because I know the developer, but there's a cool new Divvy routing/trip planning app for the iPhone called Re-Cycle. It was developed locally (obviously?) and even has a 30-minute timer built in, plus it can tell you how many Divvies you'd need to take to get to your destination.

Re-Cycle on iTunes:


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