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We've been running the McDonald's Cycle Center in Millennium Park for over 10 years now and we get requests to open new locations almost daily. If we were to expand in Chicago, where would you like to see another location? Also, what amenities would you like to see?

For more information about our facility in Millennium Park, stop by 239 E Randolph, message us, or head to


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Union Station. Safe indoor bicycle parking, showers and lockers please.

Union Station - same as Travis - safe indoor bicycle parking, showers, and lockers. If not in Union Station then within a block or two, preferably to the north.

Union Station has been in the news lately concerning plans to upgrade and improve its facilities. A Bike Station in Union Station - wouldn't that be a great addition? It seems to me there is some undeveloped space in the building. 

--Eric Peterson

Thanks! This is great. I'll try to get in touch with the developers to see if something like this could be squeezed into their budget.

Anywhere else?

In another conversation I heard someone say there is demand for it around merchandise mart.

Another vote for Union Station. 

I spoke up in another thread about Merchandise Mart. I'm looking for secure indoor parking and lockers (where I could store clothing/bags securely) & a changing area. Mostly need the space during the work week, but occasionally on the weekends and late nights. Showers are not a big deal for me but would be a bonus. I'm willing to pay a fair bit for such a facility if it met my requirements. I'm already paying a lot out of pocket to secure my bike in the area in a less than ideal manner.

I used to belong to the Millennium Park center, and now I work near Union Station...

Thanks for all the responses. It's great to see people are interested in another Cycle Center! RedEye picked it up here: 

Union Station and all other major transit hubs. It would be beneficial not only for nearby office workers but also people using Metra and Amtrak. Ideally it would be open 24/7 and accessible from the outside, even if the rest of the station is closed.

I was just in Amsterdam where there are plenty of attended bike parking garages. I used a basic one which was setup as a simple 24/7 attended bike valet (no showers or amenities). You checked in with the attendant who tags your bike, and when you come back they check the tag to make sure it's yours.

Even if you don't have enough funds to build showers and all the amenities it would still be incredibly useful to have a basic attended valet service.

Keep up the good work!

I guess the next step would be to venture beyond the "putting out feelers" stage. Union Station and/or Merchandise Mart would be great additions.

Millennium Park Bike Station said:

Echoing Union Station. Although my employer (near there) provides secure bike parking, I'd likely use a west loop cycle center for the showers in the warmer months. 


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