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Post your winter cycling images here! "Hi Res" too, if possible.

Edit: 12/2011:

We have an ongoing need for images to fill journalist requests as well-- if you are willing to have your image used by print/web media, please post it up with your full name so you can be properly credited. Ideally it should be posted in whatever qualifies as "high resolution" these days.


Your help is needed in helping us keep the new site from ending up looking like most sites using content management systems-- dry and barren of anything but printed text.

Let's get an image showing the joy and beauty of winter cycling on every page.

**edit: Great reminder from Gin that riding in snow is not an every-day feature of cold-season bicycle use, as we like to remind winter cycling newbies--so let's be careful not to only present snowy images**

I'm asking you to offer up whatever you are able in terms of winter cycling-related images-- anything from outdoor shots to pics snapped at Bike Winter events, workshops, or meetings.

Please post them to this thread. Doing so implies consent to use on the site.

Don't worry about the quality, size or format-- to put them up we need them to be 600 pixels width or less, and under 1 MB-- but we can resize/modify.

Please note if and how you'd like to be credited-- if you're gray on the matter we'll assume you don't want to be credited.

Thanks for contributing!

PS: One of my all time favorites, CCC New Year's Day ride 1997:

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Thanks. I had originally thought this thread would be temporary but it's kind of fun to look at.
Will continue to refer back and draw from it as appropriate pages get built out on the bw site.
Further images welcome, encouraged, and appreciated! Especially images showing people enjoying wintertime cycling, and that show that there's not always 6 feet of snow on the ground between Fall and Spring.
Soylent Green Bike Winter is People!
So many wonderful pics. They will all get on the bike winter site eventually. I love that we have so many biking with kids images (and I am not just saying that b/c I am a mom!) Also, we have some talented composers out there. Keep taking pics. Agree with Howard that a mix of snow and non snow shots is great.
I liked this photo enough that I "stole"

it from the DePaul University website. Is that proper attribution?

Awesome shot. Just perfect. 

Steven Lane said:
Snow ride just after leaving the Handlebar

Spectacular! Did you blur the edges or did it just come out that way somehow? 

Serge Lubomudrov said:
This was the very first picture of a bike I've ever taken, I mean, not just a photo with a bike, but because of a bike!


From a ride in Feb. last year. The packed snow along the lake front is better than the paved,salted bike trail for a leisure ride. IMO.

Here you go.  Happy New Year 2004 from Niagara Falls....Jay and Carrie
Thanks for all of these pictures and please keep em coming. I will be working on the BW site most of Monday and the images are so helpful. A bunch of them made it into the presentation I did at the Cultural Center in December,  which is now online for people to use and modify for their own BW outreach:  (link to ppt is in the page). --Gin
Yes I did :)

ambimb said:
Spectacular! Did you blur the edges or did it just come out that way somehow? 

From yesterday's BW-related event:






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