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Sitting down to pursue my every-few-nights activity of submitting rideshare and cab bike lane blockage violations to Chicago 311, and noticed they have a new feedback form that finally looks like it's from the 21st century.  Anyone else notice or get this form, or is it just me?

I submitted a few on Sunday but it was still the old form.  So it must be pretty new (I think).

UPDATES: And you can attach files (like photos) directly to the form!  Terrific.  Again, I'll probably still have to fill out paper affadavits (this being government and Chicago in particular) but it's a nice add.

You can also track status of previously submitted requests on the new 311 home page.  Just remove the "18-" from the number.

And of course - submit all your reported bike lane blockages to Bike Lane Uprising!  Then I submit all cab/rideshare violations to 311, and also Twitter-shame Uber's various accounts.  Not sure how much that does but it feels good.

311 reports DO work though.  Multiple times I have submitted forms, photos, etc. and the city has pursued to prosecution.  Fines, classes, tickets, etc.  Just today I got a voicemail from a City employee who told me about needing to fill out a form differently, but when I did, he'd "have the information required to subpoena the rideshare companies to ensure this particular driver was on the clock at the specified time."

I think I would love a summer job working as a bike lane enforcement officer.  Especially if they paid based on commission...

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I tried using the form over the past two days, but after clicking on 'Finish' it simply spins and never finishes. 'Very frustrating.

It also sucks that they don't store one's contact information, so more time wasted having to re-enter it on every report. I had over 20 reports to submit yesterday, and filling in the contact information each time is a pain.

Lastly, the map on the opening page doesn't do anything. I would expect to be able to click on a location and have it automatically populate the address field, but that doesn't work.

There’s actually a brand new iPhone app for 311 called chi 311

it came out this week.

An app does me little good. I process my biking videos on my PC. I don't think it's asking too much to build a website that works with at least one of the three major browsers on Windows 7.


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