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Hi all you wonderful clinkers!  Have a friend who will need surgery on her knee from a bad skiing accident.  They are looking for a spin-stationary bike, one that is pretty advanced in features, for the duration of her recovery.  Does anyone have one that they can offer up, or any recommendations, including favorite models, info that I can pass along?


Thanks for your help!

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I have 2 Schwinn Spinners (official Johnny G model) to pass along. May need minor tune-up as they've been unused for several years. Pretty sure the model is "Schwinn Spinner Elite."

Sorry, correction-- the model is Schwinn Spinner Pro.

Here is the exact bike (and the source I bought them from around 2003:)

$150/ea would be nice (will separate of course.)

H3N3, these look great.  I have passed the info on and will let you know what they think and possibly arranging to come take one!  Thanks.


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