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I would like to fill this position with someone from the bike community. Keating Law Offices needs some help with answering the phone and very basic administrative tasks for a month. Job requirements are very basic: act/looks presentable and be able to act professionally and politely in an office environment. Equal opportunity employer. Pays very well for the position. Standard office hours. Work with nice people.

Email if interested. 

Thanks. Ride Safe. 

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Job filled. That was quick! Thanks, #bikeCHI!

I applaud your desire to fill the position with someone from the bike community! Nice work!

I hope I never need your services, but if I do, I will remember this (and tons of other great contributions to biking) when it comes time to choosing legal representation.

This temp position is open again. We are hoping to fill the position soon. If you (or someone you know) are interested please let me know. Thanks!


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