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I currently ride an older Draft SE Fixed (2007/8 i think). I have ridden it for a couple years now and enjoy the bike but I need to upgrade from the stock single piece crank to a 3 piece. Because the frame is older it has the american sized bottom bracket. Should I purchase the american to euro bottom bracket converter, or should I just be looking at upgrading my frame at this point? 

What would your approach be?

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Sounds like you've got a nice bike.

American to Euro conversion - - took a minute to find you limitless options for your new BB.  Recommended by Mr. Sheldon Brown himself - God bless him.  At $17.00 for the converter and a modestly priced 3 piece crank set, I'd hold on to the SE Fixed.  But then I really like old things....

It's a hi-ten frame with an American bottom bracket that will need an adapter to switch to something modern crank wise.  They are not very expensive and work OK most of the time but they are, once in a while, prone to making some noise; it is also something you need to keep up on checking the bolt torque on.  

So yes, for pretty cheap you can get a stiffer crank adapted to your frame.

However, you are still going to have your kinda crappy hi-ten frame.  I doubt you will even notice the stiffer crank because you are going to be putting it into not so stiff frame.  If I were you I would save the money upgrading that frame and buy yourself a better frame, something made out of chrome-moly.

Oh man, hi-ten is so inferior to bike shop is spot on if you've got the cash.

Thanks guys. 

Been looking on craigslist for a decent frame/fork combo. 

Any other suggestions of good places to find cheap parts?

Takes some digging....but you may find someone has already found and purchased what you're looking for.  Old steel track frames or "Pista" frames are really amazing stuff, I think...  To hold a track frame with one finger and feel a weight that is virtually imperceptible and then to ride it and feel like angels have lightened your burden....that's a properly built classic....


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