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This is actually B.K.s' bike A.K.A. "MC Mambohead". He has had it since his college days down at Carbondale, and he's taking it out of retirement to show those fancy carbon fiber cyclist a thing or two (what ever that is, I'm sure it's youtube worthy).

Any way...we can't determine the make and model and it has been a source of much debate.

The top tube has a sticker that reads"tour de france" and the down tube,best I can tell reads "MARK" with a head badge(sticker) with an "M" on it.

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It is almost for sure an old Motorbacon.

Downside is it will be all French threaded and take an undersized stem.

how fernando llamas cool are the people i am contiguous... thank you major hochscteter (sp)......
i got hit (again!) in college.... yeah... i know this explains a lot to many.... my swill-mate (c-dale=room-mate) said there was a partial bike in the attic... what was left of my wrrecked college commuter bike?.. I stuck on this one.... it has set for decades... See you at the next C-CM beloved.....
thanks dug!.... et al

What's really strange is that whoever produced this bike apparently had license to do what they wanted with logo and graphics. I'm guessing there's an interesting story buried  there somewhere. Probably would have to travel across the french countryside waking old men dozing on stoops to find the answer.

George C would probably embrace that mission.

The serial number...

Agreed, it's a Mercier. Not Moto.


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