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I commute on pretty beat up Mavic Open Pros right now (ultegra hubs). My LBS tells me that wheels should be replaced as soon as possible. They quoted me:

Open Sport with 105 hubs for $150 per wheel or

Open Pros with Ultegra for $265 per wheel.

Does anyone know of any shops that carry good commuter wheels for less than I've been quoted? 

There is also an option of buying Mavic Open Pros wheelset with Ultegra from Velo Mine (bike shop in Springfield) for about $320 shipped but since they are not local I am hesitant about it.

Any suggestions?

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The last time I bought a commuting wheel was from Uptown Bike. It was a rear 10-speed disc wheel for $120.

It was a 29" wheel fit for my 700C, but sturdy and a bit on the heavy side, but it lasted me the life of the bike.

105 to Open Sport is just fine.  I don't see the benefit of spending so much more for Ultegra to Open Pro.  Now if you could find 105 to Open Pro, that would be a heck of a nice wheel.

That per wheel price doesn't make sense to me, usually the rear is a little more expensive...

But regardless about 300 bucks is what a good sold wheelset should cost at the low end of good for an everyday bike.

Are the current ultegra hubs still in decent shape? If so, why not just reuse them and have a new set of wheels built up with Open Pros again?

not sure about the hubs. i think they are in decent shape. i'll look into getting the wheels built around existing hubs.


If you decide to buy online Velomine is a good way to go. I just got some H+son/Chris King wheels from them a few weeks ago. I was pretty happy with the service over all. 

It seems like you will save about $50 per wheel by having new rims built on your existing Ultegra hub.

Hub overhaul per wheel:  $30

Mavic Open Pro Rim:  $80

Spokes @$1.50: $48

Labor: $60

Total: $218.

Velomine seems to be by far the best deal around. They have Open Pros with 105 hubs wheelset for $199. Shipped with tax it comes out to about $230 for a wheelset. I think I will go with that and if they need truing down the road, I'll pay my local shop to do it.

Thanks for all the suggestions. 


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