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My husband and I were riding our bikes home from Navy Pier one evening.  I hit a giant pothole, but was able to bounce through it; he didn't.  The down tube of his ca.1975 Motobecane Grand Record folded at the shifters.  So, we're searching for a replacement frame and fork, 27". 

One of the staff folks at Kozy's remembers selling it to him, way back when there was a Morrie Mage's on LaSalle Street!  His bike has the Mage's sticker on it. 

Reported pothole to City's Streets and Sanitation site and to the S & S ward office. They were very courteous; later they reported the pothole had been patched.

Folded bike, broken collar bone, smashed glasses, ripped up ear.  Hope no one else will fall into that pit of doom.

Yes, you can email if you have a suuitable frame.



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Quick - edit that post and change that readable email address  - write it out or make it less machine readable - so the spambots don't find you! 

Sorry to hear about the frame and bone and glasses - I'll keep my eyes open. Try calling Working Bikes and see if they have one lying around.

Many thanks.  I get many spam notes - dead relatives in Nigeria that have left me millions of dollars, but no Motobecanes. 



what size frame are you looking for?

He's 5'9" and the frame size is 23" (top of seat post angled to center of crank hub) or 58cm. (medium frame).  Sorry for the delay. 



I have no idea if anyone ever recovers, but there is actually a claims process:


Many thanks - I have written to the city's Dept of Transportation/Bikes program for information.  I will follow through on the city clerk web page address you sent.




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