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nCycle, a sleek and practical bike for our digital age. Excellent display of the progression of this project.


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Got a lot going for it innovative design-wise. But making it electric seems like a odd left turn on an otherwise lean aesthetic.

The e-bike design is very chic but despite the cost there are some issues that could interfer with wide acceptance. The belt vs chain drive is a techno hurdle with a fairly retro bike community and the internal gearing and drive seems to be a service issue.

But it does look nice...perfect for the monied class but not the commuters that e-bikes need to target.

I long for the days when bike engineers will focus on functional e-bikes for the ride to work and ride for shopping/errands crowd. My Proedco was designed for the rich bike path user and not daily commuter use and this year they released a big ultra fat tire bike which reinforces that image. If only a basic rugged bike/battery/motor design could be constructed in the $1000-$2000 range there might be some forward movement in the e-bike field.



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