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Hi all,

Has anyone taken their bike on the Amtrak since they allowed bikes to roll on? 

I'd like to bring my road bike up with me when I'm in Chicago this weekend - but navigating Union Station seems like it might be a bit hairy. Any advice would be appreciated! 

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I can't speak to getting your bike on an Amtrak train, but navigating Union Station isn't an issue. I commute daily via Metra and it is ok. The only time it is bad is when there are major delays and the station becomes packed with people and it can be difficult to get your bike through the crowd, but this is rare.

I would enter and leave the station through the great hall. That way you don't have to carry up any stairs and can simply walk up to street level. I'd be curious to know what your Amtrak experience is. I'd like to head up to Milwaukee one of these days.

Good Luck!

Great, thanks for this helpful info! I will let you know how it goes!

This is really helpful - thank you!

I think the easiest entrance/exit to take (all street level) is on the NW corner of the big hall which will lead you to Adams and Clinton.

I agree, that is the easiest way to avoid the stairs and escalators.  The crowds are not normally a problem.


Hi all, thanks for the info! It worked out well - on the way in I was on the City of New Orleans, they took the bike from me and put it in luggage. On the way back I was on the 'local' train, the Illini - very little help from the conductors who advised me to just stand it up in the space for luggage in front of the front row of seats. Less than ideal, but do-able. Union Station itself was totally navigable with the bike. I'd do it again! Two great lakeshore trail rides.



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