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It's been awhile since we've added one of these.

(see past Name That Bike Shop Pets contests)

First person to correctly name the bike shop this dog works at gets...... something from that bike shop!

(exact prize and winner will be announced once the shop is correctly named).


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I love the diversity of the bike scene! I had not heard of Lets Roast until I saw this thread. Reading the name I assumed it was a bike shop/coffee roaster. But no. I'm guessing that "Roasting" is a BMX term?

The shop looks great too. Love the reclaimed wood!

it is a BMX term. but I think they might be doing some stuff with coffee in the future.

do it!! they're super nice and did a really good job with the layout. and those dogs are so cute.

I should be awarded the best at grammar on here:))

Julie Hochstadter said:

Do I need to a hint?

Hey Kelly!

Thanks for remembering Hershal and all the kind words about the shop! Stop in the soon and pick up some goodies!

We are open 8-8 M-F S 10-8 and Sun 10-5 closed the 24th and 25th to visit family. 



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