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It's been awhile since we've added one of these.

(see past Name That Bike Shop Pets contests)

First person to correctly name the bike shop this dog works at gets...... something from that bike shop!

(exact prize and winner will be announced once the shop is correctly named).


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Green Machine Cycles!

Nope! Keep guessing...

Do I need to a hint?

I think Duppie should win. He was closest.

Julie Hochstadter said:

Do I need to a hint?


Lets Roast

Roscoe Village Bikes!?

Ding ding ding!  

(I met the furry clan last night at PWP.  They helped get me through the training).

Kelly I'll have Bob or Logan get in touch with you.

Let's Roast is a new BMX bike shop that just opened on Milwaukee and Division. 

Kelly C said:

Lets Roast

Doh! I'm 17 minutes too late - Let's Roast Cycles.  Congrats to Kelly!

Hope to see some more Fairdales around town next spring. They're really awesome bikes.

Cool - I haven't stopped into Let's Roast yet. 



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