First of all, I want to thank all of you for your well wishes when you heard I got my bike stolen.  The bike community honestly is like a family.  All the people who offered help and support, thank you, thank you, thank you.


As some of you know, I'm pretty short, so losing this bike was devastating to me since it's the first bike I've ever owned that actually fit me. I have several other bikes, but none of them fit me like this one does. It's a 39 cm frame with 24 inch wheels.


Now on to the  recovery story....


My bike was stolen Friday afternoon outside my office in Lincoln Park.  No  cut u lock, no signs of the rack being compromised. I honestly thought that maybe I hadn't rode in that day.... but I had my helmet and rain pants so I know I wasn't going crazy.


Immediately I filed a police report over the phone, added it to the stolen bike reg and sent emails to friends.


Yesterday a few people checked out the swap on the s side with no luck.


This morning I headed back there with a couple of friends.


Within 5 minutes I saw the bike, we called the cops and they recovered the bike for me.  No arrests.


My fenders and rack were missing (which had numerous stickers) but besides that, mommy and baby are reunited.

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Hi Howard--once a detailed list is on the CSBR, perhaps we can delete what Jamimaria's complied here on her thread.

Jami--this looks like a good start and has certainly been helpful to me. Thank you. I don't think I have many photos of myself with my bikes and would not have intuitively realized how relevant that might be.

THe thing is....I only go went to the Stolen Bike Registry when my bike was stolen and I really started caring about theft. 


Having something posted in the Chainlink is probably a little more visible and effective.  Plus it can't hurt to have information posted in many locations.  Also, with the chainlink, I don't look at the other resources and links very often.  I mostly just look at the groups, the forums and the event listings.


One thing that I want to emphasize that bike theft sucks, you can be a victim even when you do most everything "right,"  but that you shouldn't be so afraid of theft that you stop riding your bike.


Hell yeah, Julie! Congrats to you!

Excellent!! Congratulations! I got a stolen bike back too, I should post that story.
It's ridiculous that police would have to hold your recovered bike as evidence longer than a few days or a week. Do they hold stolen cars as evidence until after the trial? Maybe, but I doubt it. This is your mode of transportation, it's not like they stole a basketball from you.

So happy that you got your bike back! 

Can you tell me more about the S Side swap?  I'd like to check there for my bike that was stolen yesterday! 

Spread the news that I'm missing a Red Univega, Male Frame, Red Handlebars!

Best Regards,
Emily Rose

Great news Julie! But it really disturbs me that the cops didn't take this more seriously. If you'd pointed out the guy who stole several hundred dollars' worth of stereo equipment from you, or your 10-year-old Toyota, I'm pretty sure the cuffs would have come out. But a bike worth the same amount, well, that's just a toy.

A world-class, bicycle-friendly city is more than just stripes on pavement. It's a value system. 

(Sorry, don't mean to be a downer on your frabjous day.)

Ha. I guess congratulations are in order even after more than a year since recovery.


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