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And I need some help!  I'm from Hammond, IN, and I don't know much about the DesPlaines area.  


What's good?  What's bad?  Apartment complexes to look out for?  


I'd like to live within 10 miles of DesPlaines so I can commute to work by bike.


Tell me anything and everything I need to know please!  Also, if you know of anyone looking for a room mate in the area, I'm clean and able to pay my rent, haha.


Help! =)

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What part of Des Plaines will you be working in?  Most of Des Plaines is within 10 miles of the far northwest side of Chicago so you could live in the city and commute to Des Plaines.

To be within 10 miles you can actually be in the city down to about the Irving Park or even Avondale neighborhood.  Park Ridge is also right there.  Edison Park and some of the far NW neighborhoods in Chicago are pretty nice and known for being where all the cops live.


You can also live any where close to the Union Pacific NW Metra line and be able to bike/train commute to DesPlains easily; suburbs suck.


I'll be working for UOP... the address is 175 W Oakton St  Des Plaines, IL 60018.


So you guys think I should live in the city?  How much is the rent there?!  I'm already shocked at the prices of apartments in DesPlaines and Arlington, haha.

Your comfortable biking on four lane arterials right?  Not exactly the best place for biking.

I'd start with Edison Park along Northwest Hwy. That street takes you straight to Oakton so you'll have an easy commute. Plus as someone mentioned you'll be right by the Metra.


In general I would stay away from the suburbs on the west side of Des Plaines. Not that they're not good, just that they're not particularly bike friendly. There's an apartment complex in Rosemont wedged between Higgins and Devon that might be worth a look but I'm not sure what the rent is there. 


There are also quite a few apartments by Cumberland and Bryn Mawr in Chicago. You'll be right by the blue line and fairly close to Des Plaines. 


Yeah suburbs suck!  Good luck and hope this helps!  

I live in Albany Park and my daily commute to Des Plaines is 10.5 miles. As Jeff said, some of these burbs are not very bike-friendly. I biked it once using Lawrence, Elston, Devon, River Rd and Touhy. I feel safe riding in city traffic, but I would not recommend bike commuting on the western end of Devon, River Rd, Touhy or Oakton.   

Jeff Schneider said:

I work in Mt. Prospect (very near Des Plaines), and I don't find the area very bike-friendly at all.  Too often there is no way to ride from A to B but a major arterial with fast car traffic and no space for bikes.  Don't get me wrong, you can ride out there, but it's not always that pleasant.  For maximum happiness, I think you really need to consider carefully what route you'll take to work before you settle on an apartment ;-)

Thanks for all the info everyone!


I am actually comfortable riding on roads like that... my previous 20 miles ride to work was 50% HUGE roads.  It's not pleasant or particularly safe, but I haul ass so I tend not to get in too many people's way.  I'm not really good at making safe routes (my century reminded me sharply of that...), so help would be appreciated when I pick my place haha

It depends on the sort of life you live and things you like to do where you should live.  The 'burbs can be hard to have fun in depending on the type of stuff you like to do and the sort of people you like to be around.  When I lived in the suburbs I found I was still spending all of my leisure time in the city and just moved back; it costs a little more rent wise but it is offset, for me, by the savings in time and money of not having to travel to have fun as well as the over all quality of life improvement.  However, if you like chain restaurants, a lack of local businesses, nothing fun to do and sprawl go for it.

I've never really lived in the city.  The things that I enjoy (drag racing, working on cars, riding horses) are not very conducive to a city life.  However, without having experienced it, I can't say I won't like it!  It would probably be better to live close to where the 'fun' is.  =)  I'll look into the city places.


When I say 'expensive', I'm meaning that I can't stomach paying a thousand a month just to live by myself.  I haven't had room mates for the past 3 years just because single housing down here at school (Lafayette) isn't that expensive, so there was really no reason to have roomies.  I'm not a bad person to live with though.  I've had roomies before, and we got along fine.  =)


I don't do restaurants at all really.  I cook a lot.  Are there local groceries?


What do you mean by quality of life improvement, DUG?

You can be alone for under a grand, especially farther out like Avondale.  There are tons of grocery options in the city; more than in the suburbs.  It costs me less to live here than it did to live in the suburbs even though rent is more.





Hey DUG, stop slammin the suburbs! If you are happy in the city, good for you. Your opinion isn't reality. I agree with Jeff. Check out all the possible routes before settling on an apt.

Let's see...

-Lot's of sprawl.

-Not really all that bike friendly.

-Lots of chain restaurants.

-Very few independent food sellers.

-Very little in the way of diversity.

-Pretty much built because of and for cars.

-Wide lawns, narrow minds.


Yeah, so want to list out the good stuff for me?  Rather than just telling me to stop slamming them tell me what is good about them.


I grew up in and have lived as an adult in the suburbs.



ridetillidie said:

Hey DUG, stop slammin the suburbs! If you are happy in the city, good for you. Your opinion isn't reality. I agree with Jeff. Check out all the possible routes before settling on an apt.



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