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Somehow I ended up riding 75 miles yesterday -- a new personal best.  I think I could have kept going, but it was dark and I was out of snacks.  I'm now convinced I can pull off a century, especially if it were organized so I'm not carrying locks, food, tools around like normal.  As a frame of reference, I thought I was going to die after a 20 mile ride this Spring.  

How far have others pushed themselves?  

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one time, back like 8 years ago, i rode from my house in hammond, IN to portage, indiana for dui court and then turned around and rode back only to stop for refreshments and cooler attachment at the house and headed up to daley plaza for critical mass, think it ended pretty far north that night, like lincoln square or a bit north of there, then i bombed back south to hammond.. the total was like 130 mostly buzzed miles..

good old days,,
A bit over 100 miles for me at the frozen snot century back in 2005. It was the Frozen Snot Century to Milwaukee. Did it on a mountain bike with fat tires. I switched to using slicks after that.


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