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Anyone know if the annual Milwaukee Swap that generally occurs in early December is happening this year?  I cannot find any updates on the interwebs from last season.

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Several sources of Saturday December 8, no  year.  Nothing for Saturday December 7 or 14th.

The Facebook page notes 'no upcoming events' so it does not look promising.  

Yeah thats what I came to conclude as well.  Its always a good swap, not mega crowded.  I'd be bummed if it stops.  Where will I find cheap retrogrouch stuff!

Well, I was going to say , but they don't have any future events posted.

I too have enjoyed going to this show for about the last 6? years so I fired off an email at lunch to the address listed on FB and just got a response.  Retrogrouches rejoice!

Thanks for reaching out. We had to move the date due to the school being booked over our traditional weekend. I am still in the process of securing the permit with the school. Once everything is locked in then I will contact vendors and start posting updates on the Facebook page.



Andrew Rossa CAA, CPRP

Milwaukee Recreation

Yes!  Success!  8-9 speed cassettes beware!

Looks like the following is happening so far:

Brazen Dropouts Madison Swap: Saturday, January 11th 2020

Milwaukee Bike Bazaar: February 29th 2020

The Chicago swap at Harper College is officially canceled...........which is a bummer.  We have no official large local swaps right now.


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