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anyone have any experience with this offer or this bike ?


it is a partnership with TATI cyckes (hyde park).

I want to ask some questions and don't see a place to submit inquiries, etc.

thanks in advance


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Those are some cool looking bikes! That link isn't working for me though.

This works:

Or Milkbar in general:

Also, to me it sounds like a project of TATI rather than a partnership with TATI.

And yeah, it is odd/disconcerting that there is no discernible way to contact them.

Milkbar joined The Chainlink yesterday.   You could message them on their wall. 

It is Tati and he is located in Wicker Park these days.

a deep-v single/fixed cargo bike is pretty adorable. 

Hi everyone, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about the project. Yes, it's under the TATI umbrella for now but no, it's not going to be located in Wicker Park. The whole concept is that milkbar is a hybrid between an internet shop but with local assembly and delivery services. It's not a bike shop. (and doesn't have bike shop overhead, which is why the MSRPs are so low).

Basically the idea is to fill a gap right now between ordering a bike online (and dealing with the hassle of professional assembly and being at home to even take delivery)... but for a very low price... and shopping for a similar bike at one of Chicago's excellent local bike shops (and paying a higher price, but one that is earned with great service).

One of the really exciting parts about this is come springtime, the bikes will be delivered to your door, fully assembled and tuned and ready to ride via CARGO BIKE! milkbar is partnering with Four Star Courier for this. It's going to be really neat, I think.

Right now things are very much in soft launch mode. I didn't at all expect this much interest in the dead of winter. The website obviously leaves a lot to be desired in terms of description and specs... and we're not even 20% done in sorting out the product line. But it will all come in the next few weeks.

Enjoy the winter, y'all.

You will be able to see and try the bikes via a series of pop-up shops this year. Currently hoping to do one in Logan soon-ish and then the next one somewhere in Pilsen/Bridgeport before spring.

Good! One of the worst aspects of getting a bike online is not experiencing the bike before taking the plunge. If I can get my wife to hold off on getting a new commuter before you do the Pilsen/Bridgeport popup - we'll definitely stop by to check out some bikes!

milkbar said:

You will be able to see and try the bikes via a series of pop-up shops this year. Currently hoping to do one in Logan soon-ish and then the next one somewhere in Pilsen/Bridgeport before spring.

Thanks Tony, this is a really common refrain and quite honestly I'm not sure how to approach it exactly. The more popups/higher availability for test rides obviously raises overhead, which in turn raises prices, which kind of deflates the purpose for something like this hybrid model. 

The real effort here is to provide an alternative to the customer who would otherwise already be buying online, not replacing the bike shop experience. It's a hard thing to figure out.

There's actually special for Chainlink members going on right now, you get a free Abus lock thrown in with purchase of a Henry/June.  Chainlink Deal  Just placed my order (for a Henry), I'm excited!  Going with the 3 speed option, twist shift, and dyno front hub as an extra.  This is a great deal to begin with, and the Abus just puts it over the top.  It's replacing a Schwinn Suburban that's seen better days.  The Henry will be perfect for my (short) commute and running errands around town; look forward to dumping my backpack and using the racks/pannier instead.  Tati has been great to deal with.  I'll post pics once I take delivery.

Any updates? Has anyone here ridden one? Nice bikes?



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