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This was a ride of epic proportions, and I have the photos to prove it.

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Beautiful photos Matt. I thought it would be best to remove all the "bare-ass" photos from my pictures which ended up being about half of them.
Well done! :-)
Good times and great photos Matt!
Looks like a lot of people showed up sans lights--did they think it was the night ninjas ride?
Great photos, Matt!
Wish I could have made it. Had other plans. : \
These pictures awe magnificent
very nice!!
It felt weird with so many of us - like a midnight critical mass....114 counted at one point
It was my first time out, and it was amazing!
good ride guys, i am so glad i came out to play
This picture deserves an explanation.

Matt just happened to take a picture of me as I realized, right after being stung, that I was completely surrounded by bees protecting their newly urinated on hive while my manhood was still exposed and unprotected. My ankle was so swollen and sore I couldn't walk on it all day on Sunday. Good times :)


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