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Michiganders - routing challenge for Benzie/Grand Traverse Counties!

Hi, all!

I am looking for a short, scenic, low-traffic route from Beulah, MI to Traverse City.  I plan to ride with my sister, and I have promised that if I can't find a super-safe route we will take the car (Boo!).  Sis is super-athletic, but is not used to riding and maneuvering with car traffic.

I've worked out this first stab at the route from Beulah to Traverse City, using Google Maps Bike Directions and the MDOT Bike Map.

Main questions:

1. How is Cedar Run Road?

2. How is M-72 in this section (just west of Traverse)?

3. Which streets are best to take in town once we get off the TART path in the city?

4. Any other considerations for the route as a whole in terms of nice scenery not to miss, or nice towns we might want to include in case we find ourselves with a "mechanical"?

Thanks in advance to all my Michigan friends on the Chainlink!



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