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Which one is most comfortable? I have been using a Walmart bought laptop bag ('cause I'm cool like that) but this year for whatever reason, the buckle is tearing into my shoulder. I haven't even ridden to work with the bag yet either... these are just 5 mile rides to the gym.

Now. I've seen Chrome, Timbuk2, Alchemy, and Manhattan Portage.

Who's got one? Whatddya like? Whaddya hate?

...which one should I get?

I attached a picture of my lovely (coughNOTcough) laptop bag that will be retired to it's original job after the purchase.


What size? I'm confused. I carry to work: A towel (for the shower), pants, shirt, a small bag of make up (not always. I go scuzzy too), different shoes, + various other things. Size? Gahh!

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Hey Lady,

Someone just did a post on this last week. I would check it out. Lots of good suggestions. It's called So, what kind of bags do you ride with?? I am still trying to sell my Manhatttan Portage messenger on the cheap if you are interested. Details in last weeks post.

CRAP! I knew someone had done this already. I'll go look.

Sorry guys! for riders by a rider...

everything is padded to the body.. plus you can get a wider or narrow shoulder strap to help with the boobs.
I have literally used dozens of bags over the years and have finally found one I am 100% happy with. R.E.Load messenger bag. That is the size and model as well, but they have nearly 12 models. Every single one is hand made, triple stiched, waterproof and super-duper durable. These bags aren't cheap, but they do complete custom stitching to make your bag 100% unique. Mine has my company logo on it.

Having also used many of the brands otherwise mentioned, I will say unequivacally that these bags are seriously better in every way than all others mentioned. In some cases, I am completely amazed that some of these brands endure or have a good reputation. I realize I am hard on my bags, but I think that given the cost of brands like Chrome, they are extremely weak compared to my R.E.Load bag.

I might suggest that the Courier size seems like it is bigger than you need, HOWEVER, these bags easily cinch up, they balance very well empty or full, and if you have a bigger bag, it doesn't add any significant weight to your ride, but it DOES allow you more flexibility if there is ever a day you want to carry more stuff than you typically do.

The amount of stuff I carry in my bag is almost comical, but it remains both comfortable and undamaged, save the scruffyness it gets from scraping on the ground/road grime/etc.

Cheers - Lee Diamond
AWESOME stuff guys.

wig - If I had any of those 'boobs' that you speak of, it would be a concern. They are mosquito bites at worst, and speed bumps at best. Awesome idea though!

Thanks everyone!!
i've yet to find anything that has better laptop protection than a timbuk2 bag. i've never had problems. i do now wish i had bought a bigger bag, as you probably carry as much or more crap than me, and the 15" laptop bag i bought for my 15" laptop barely keep it all contained.


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