Ill be commuting on a single speed fixed gear for about 14 miles round trip. Ill be carrying appx 5-10 pounds of flexible cargo ( lunch, change of clothes, etc ) . In your opinion , what would be the most comfortable way, without compromising handling and or range of motion on the bike . Ill be doing plenty of head turning as the streets I'll be on have no marked bike lanes.... thx

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I was once in a similar situation. My commute is about 28mi round trip. I started off with a fixed gear with platform pedals and a huge messenger bag with similar gear. First off I found limiting the amount of stuff I carry helped. I left a pair of shoes, jeans, toiletry kit, lock at work. I bought a cetma front rack to get the bag off my back. I also bought some shimano clipless pedals. This was a lot more comfortable and efficient. Later on I bought a road bike. Things like gears and coasting are nice.

where's the crate love?! i love having a crate/trunk - and have upgraded from milk crate to a more grown-up wooden one that, i think, looks pretty great.

ortliebs are pretty, but you have to carry them around with you if you stop anywhere on your way home - and they're not built for lugging around. 

I leave Ortliebs on the bike with a cable running through the external D rings.  I wouldn't trust this all day at a Metra station, but for a quick stop at the grocery store or coffee shop, it so far has worked fine.

Strictly for commuting w/a change of clothes, the garment pannier from Two Wheel Gear is the bees knees:

I've had one for a decade and in that time I have commuted by bike, off and on, for probably five years. It holds a lot -- change of clothes, towel, shower essentials, lunch, a laptop and/or work documents -- looks nice, is easy to carry off the bike, and you hardly notice it on the bike. They've improved the attachment system and the design of the pockets since I got mine so it's probably even better now. I love it. 

Aren't you required by local ordinance to carry a Chrome messenger bag if you're riding a fixed gear in chicago? I swear I heard that somewhere.

I think that only applies if you are also applying for the Red Light Exemption?

Rear pannier.  Two Wheel Gear out of Canada.  

That's the second recommendation for them.  I just looked around it looks like some good stuff.  I'm really interested in that backpack pannier they have as it has about twice the capacity of my messenger bag pannier.

I'm on my second one.  I've used them since they first came out.  The new bag has a much improved attachment system.  Suits, dress pants, etc. stay relatively wrinkle free.  Couldn't say enough good things about them.


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