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I thought I'd start a new thread for pictures and media links to this morning's memorial. What a great event - Melissa, your words were moving and educational. Thank you to all who came, and my sincerest condolences and thanks to the Townsends and to Ms. Nishimoto for standing up even while grieving. 

From the Tribune - with a video, plus be sure to check out the photo essay link to the right:

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CBS local:

I was contacted by a woman from 66/Univision who would like to make sure they are notified of these types of events.

I started a discussion here:

Can folks please add any interested media/journalist contacts to this list? Thx


Lakeview Fixed said:

I "googled" "ghost bike Neill Townsend" and was amazed at how many news outlets around the country picked up the Tribune's video, and I only paged forward a couple of pages.  The country is seeing this!  

This Wednesday is the Ride of Silence(ROS).

Chicago's ROS will gather at Daley Plaza beginning at 6pm, depart by 6:45 and conclude at Neill's bike around 8pm. Hope you can join us for this memorial ride that remembers all fallen and injured cyclists worldwide - one day, one time, worldwide.

There are many other ROS events throughout the Chicago suburbs, too, including Evanston, Oak Park, Bartlett, Joliet, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, McHenry County, Geneva, Oak Lawn, etc.



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