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Weren't some of you talking about a SouthSide route? Someone wanted us to wave hi?

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Hey H, I'm all for this if you believe in it.
Do you know total distance?
And any terrain hazards?
Distance and terrain challenges determine skatability.

Without verifying, I suspect the end is not too far from Red Line stop(s)?

With weeks to go there's plenty of time to drop this in a geek sys closer to deadline.
Distance nearly 17 miles with multiple serious terrain challenges. I wouldn't skate this, and I'm a top skater. Also, um, April had less than 20 navigation points and it got screwed up; this one has 40. But I have no suggested mods. I'd just do it on bike.

How about calling this route The South Side Chill Out Ride?

Chill Out is the operative term, and I'm planning on doing a two sided map flier with some copy on the back clueing kids into the fact it's not smart to be so obvious with the open alcohol, and it's way dumb to terrorize people stuck in their cars.

I'll post a first draft tomorrow morning.

peace out ~ steven
My vote: "The shiny fun fun happy cyclists waving west south east north super vibe ride-a-thon moving peace party and groovy eco smile fest substance and violence free critical mass may happening."
just the front side so far, needs more work.

is the route final?

Stunning work as always Steven. Makes a complex route look easy.
H3: I put all your links in the turn-by-turn (cue sheet with some slight difference) for mobile user:

h3 said:
I know the cue sheet's kind of full but if we could somehow include the URLs for the places we pass it would be great-- I know Owen and the Hub can use the exposure. (1048 W 37th St) (3201 S. Halsted) (2358 S. Marshall Blvd) (3219 S. Morgan) (2434 S. Western) (1725 S. Racine)
Well if I had seen this on the list serv I wouldn't of bothered jamming the air waves...damn multiple means of commuincation - good show too Steven on the flyer style "Hey Kids"
h3 said:
Looks amazing! I can live with the route as is-- I honestly don't think anyone else is following this discussion.

We're following - very closely.

I like the "Hey Kids" part too - it oughtta go over well!

"Featuring Bridgeport - community of the future"
I <3 u guys


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