The Chainlink : "Social Cycling System". Mobile tools for bicyclist masses. facilitates large bicycling events by broadcasting route, map, chatter, weather and more, for smartphones and text messaging.  It also serves personal features such as ride recording, directions and points of interest. (formerly Chi.Bike and began years ago (now in its sixth major version) to address shortage of Critical Mass printed maps by making them available online for iPhone and similar users, and as a communications supplement to the World Naked Bike ride. The system provides quick flyer views, turn-by-turn cues, and monitors text chatter broadcasting location en-route.  It also gives weather, archives, etc all optimized from many years experience developing for mobile devices.

Since this thread was started (June 2009) it's now served well in literally hundreds of rides including years of Critical Masses and Chicago Naked Rides. Hope you like it, feedback encouraged.
Bookmark now on your phone.
Sample screenshots below, but best to simply visit the site.


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For the record, I've changed the domain name to "MASSUP.US" for plural rather than singular connotation.
Other names will continue to alias to there.
The site now also has associated Yahoo Group and Upoc Channel.
Would the App be following you during the Mass to show people where the mass is at that moment? If so I think that you should note if you are in the front, middle or back of the mass. Also maybe have people spread out along the mass so people looking for the mass might know how long the mass is. In a way, I wish that people in cars would know about this App so we don't get haters like the guy who bloged about the last mass and so they can avoid the mass if so desired. It would be good if some how that linked to the traffic apps that newer cars have.
Yet more bicycle related uses for that iPhone...
This is completely bike unrelated . . . but does anybody have a good "to do" application for the iphone? Maybe one that links in with Outlook?
Update: I've finally added Twtter to the chat feed.
(Among many other significant v1.5 improvements.)

Twitter users, for Chicago Critical Mass related tweets, add the hash tag #chicm

I also propose that the northside mass use "#nschicm".
Shorter ccm and nscm are already in use on Twitter, and "chicm" conveniently matches the existing Upoc text messaging group.

The chatter page now monitors a merged feed from both the legacy Upoc group, and tweets containing the target hash tag.

There are some unfinished bits, and little recent chatter to see, but it's ready enough for non-me testing.
Well done. Mass.Up has proven its effectiveness.
NEW! I'm pleased to announce adding "Automatic GPS" posting to
iPhone and other GPS capable phone users can now post their location to the chatter with just a click or few.

The POST page under chatter now automatically attempts to determine your location, checks the distance, converts to an address, and offers to post. Such posts are added to the chatter page for a given mass, and automatically link to map. Caveats about accuracy apply, but it's something.

Please give it a whirl. No harm nor risk. Visit from your smartphone, browse to chatter, then to POST, and tell me if it works.

NEWER NEW!!! v2.0 - Adds SMS and voice to the chat feed!
I've finally completed a beta of the long planned version 2 feature additions. You can now post from smartphone by GPS (from browser) or by photo (automatically geolocated), or by text or email, by Upoc or Twitter, and even by voice.
Casual users can now simply text a ? for a reply with the last trusted location posting.

Updated about:

How to post page:

"Serving event info to mobile masses."

I've created a Facebook "Page" for
I needed a space for maintaining software support type content, foster user community discussion, etc, too complex for here. Facebook seemed the most logical solution, as opposed to some other blog/WP/CMS system, given both features and penetration.
So future detailed discussion and announcements may be more bubbling there.

Over Oct/Nov I've used the new version on three major rides, and it's been pretty mind blowing.
Addition of a slew of new features such as automatic timed GPS broadcast, cue sheet handling, and plots, have kicked the version up to 2.70, and completed essentially all planned features.
Of a lifetime of inventions, this one is getting some of the most positive feedback ever. I've heard first hand now from a dozen people, about using the "where" text to find a mass in progress, about watching from home with great joy, and even strangers showing me "this cool site they use". (Now to turn it into money...)

Interested peeps should simply peruse to see it in action. But here's a snippet from the last CCM:

Major new features recently added:

* New "MAP" command sends the current map graphic back to any phone able to view photos.
Text "map" (omitting the quotes of course) to for example.

* Text addresses now Geolocated, allowing GPS posting from any phone.
Posting "Now gathering at 50 W. Washington St." for example will exactly plot that location.

* Embedded 3D virtual fly-through available for any Plot.
PC/Mac Google Earth users, for demo click "Tour" from

More extensive new feature notes here.

Following a slew of new features added in recent months, has now passed version 3.

Among them:


OLDER button added to Plots, for browsing history.

Full window area now used when accessed from PC.  Also now widgetizable.

Implemented Sticky messages.

Added SPEEDOMETER display when using GPS auto-post.

Added live police radio scanner, even works on smartphones.

Added HEADING and CATCHUP compass-like functions, quickly shows directions.

Added NEARBY tool, plots important services such as bike shops, train stations, bars, etc.


But most immediately useful, there's now an "Uber" address so users no longer need remember what email to use.  Simply text to always refers to the CURRENT mass, either an active dated one or the default NOW fallback.  This is as opposed to using a mass' specific address (such as ccm@), and applies to all features such as posting, commands, and follow.

So put in your phone's contacts please.


Also a reminder, since I regularly hear assumptions that this is an iPhone app, can be used from any phone (or PC).  Basic phones can simply use the text messaging.  SmartPhones (including Droids) can use all features.

Nice work!



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