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Hoping you're already familiar with - the multifunction webapp for cyclists.  If not, jump into the site or the help or the samples.


It's time to make a nice promo sticker.  I've made a few stickers for local cycling, but some of you have far better skills, and previous local bikey sticker contests went well.
So I figure I can afford $100 for a winning design (and the privilege of thousands printed).  Sound good?

TCL's perfect to host discussion on such a thing.  Submitters can post images, and slogans and text can be discussed.  No angry debates here, just art and slogans.  Yay!

Guidelines (largely snagged from bikewinter):

  1. Sticker printing is expensive, so the work must be impactful.
  2. Designs must clearly, prominently, legibly, at a glance, even in low light conditions, say ""
  3. Size is 1.5"X 4.25". Can be oriented horizontally or vertically. See samples. 
  4. Must not violate copyrights or contain elements used without permission.
  5. Allow bleed for cutting (no details on edges).
  6. Bonus points for single color (much cheaper printing).

There's an existing square logo sticker (attached), with basic texting instructions on the backing.  I'd like to go landscape this time, standard bicycle sticker format, and its been suggested that some intro instructions (such as "Text ? to") be on the sticker face.

I guess I'm asking for art and text.  Interested submitters should explore and pick an existing slogan or craft your own.  Frankly I don't trust my sense of what's going to be important to the sticker reader, and so seek input.  Post yer ideas here.

I'm not declaring an end date, but it's a top priority to go to print ASAP, so likely by mid-February I'll setup a poll for final voting.  Cool?

See y'all at bar night Thursday.

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ermahgerd hells yeah

Thanx!  Hey Crafty (and anyone else wanting to share this), I added the contest to

That way the vote'll be easier later, and one can now do things like email submissions to and they'll automatically appear.

For future publicity, use this short URL (which simply forwards here).


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