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Hey all,

I've talked with some of you about Mariel Mentink, but it might not be news you've heard otherwise. I wouldn't have if I didn't have so many friends in the Austin cycling community...

Mariel is a Chicago girl who was severely injured in a hit and run on New Year's Eve in Austin, TX while riding with a group of helmeted, well-lit cyclists. She was only recently deemed stable enough to be moved from a hospital there back to Chicago, where she's near her family and friends, for continuing treatment and rehab. There are regular updates from her family here:

There is a benefit for Mariel on the 26th and I'll be heading there for a while after CCM.
The chainlink event page with a little more info:

I hope some of you guys can make it out.

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Will do!

willow naeco said:
Hi Michelle - Please add this event to the chainlink calendar. If you put the end time as 11:45 p.m. and note in the body of the event that it goes until 2 a.m. it won't hog the calendar the day after the event. Thanks! - willow
hey, just to let folks know, i'm organizing the event and the venue has changed. to the viaduct theater, it now starts at 9. i just don't want folks bothering the other venue. i'll hang a sign outside the old place as well. cheers ya'll! hope to see you there!
thanks! event page is updated now.
The Viaduct is close to my work - I'll swing out afterwards.

Joe TV said:
The Viaduct is close to my work - I'll swing out afterwards.
I really like the Viaduct. I saw the Cat Circus there not long after I moved here...


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