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My co-worker Nicole Radja is looking for a 20-something male cyclist for a photo shoot.  It is this Sunday, 4/17, at 9 am-noonish (but probably not that long), in Chicago.  Possibly near Halsted/Clybourn area.  Email her and the photographer Dave Rentauskas with a name, picture, and contact info if you are interested:,




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Sorry, Martha, I’m a bit too old for that ;)

But your post reminded me: I’ve never checked whether anything came out of the photoshoot for the RTA last year. Ha! Something had indeedy:

Employment discrimination!
Well, I missed that opportunity by 30+ years.
I'll do topless but no full frontal.
damn, just saw this now.

Hey, who knows Geritol or Viagra might need a few 50 something bikers for an ad someday!...

And we will be PREPARED.


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