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Hello Potential Bicycle Associate,

She sure is a pretty bike & she is light as she is currently configured. I built her up with only a rear derailer (leaving off the front derailer, extra chain ring, lever, cable & housing saves weight & complexity. If you don't know my spit about cycling and how I design and configure bikes. It's this. Chicago is a flat city. In my opinion you do not need 21 speeds. It's simply unnecessary. Also I configure bicycle so you ride upright, erect, with proper posture and as near to a standing position as possible. It's a faster, safer and more efficient way to ride. I am trying like hell to produce bikes made here in the Midwest for the people to ride, not just to buy and put in their basements and garages because those bikes hurt your body to ride them.) But she could shed some pounds by replacing the older 27" steal wheels & heavy tires with 700c aluminum wheels & modern Kevlar tires. It is adorned with an aluminum seat post, stem & drop handle bars. Her steal lugged frame is 4130 tubing which is great steal. Critiques may argue 4130's quality but the steps up are Renolds 531 or Columbus (it's like comparing Mecedes E & C classes.) So in my opinion it's a great foundation. If you are interested seriously in outfitting it you your needs, desires and specifications I suggest you come by the shop tomorrow before 11am (I volunteer on Saturdays, my shop will be open, but you should talk to me about custom builds) or in the evening (after 5:30pm) and see her out for a ride around Humboldt Park. If at that point you are into her? Give me a deposit and I will build her up for you. Or maybe you will be happy how she is currently set up and want to build her up over time.

My specialty is making fast, comfortable, safe bicycles for people to ride not bikes that people admire and covet but are beyond they skill or comfort level there for have little to no purpose. Being from an architectural background in my opinion form follows function and in that lies each bikes style or sexiness. And there is no doubt that I make sexy bikes. I prefer steal (or chromoly) frames to aluminum because of steal's propensity to flex absorbing the bumps of the road and steal's natural springy mechanical advantage flexing for a riders movement. Added weight is relative because if you bike hurts you? Are you going to ride it? And having a machine that is not being used or serving it's purpose is either to have a trophy or an obstacle. Right back to form following function.

I make bikes that people ride all the time because they are fun, fast, safe, low maintenance & dare I say sexy. When it's time for a novice rider to elevate to the next level am always glad to take bikes back in trade or their components in trade in order to encourage a riders evolution.

I don't really bullshit and my prices are fair. Plus I stand behind my work and the work that comes out of my shop. I do make mistakes so if something seems out of whack call me on it, but mind your p's & q's. I don't like to be toyed with & you may meet a whole other side of me if you choose to be that person. There are plenty of bike shops out there that will sell you a new bike and encourage the purchase of a new bike before the repair of an older bike. I believe any relationship takes time to build comfort and respect. It you respect your machine then you will maintain it and there lies the zen in the machine / human relationship.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to release to you that beautiful Lavender Concord (though I have not given her a name because that is up to her new keeper. I think her name should be a classy young lady's name.)

Ride safe, shoulders back & heads up,





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