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Actually, I've got two I REALLY LOVE.

My 2012 Brompton M6L, I love so much I started a group here on CL (,

and I've also named it "Winston", as it oozes enough character to me.

My 2010 Surly Long Haul Trucker, taken on many short tours, almost every grocery run, and simply a comfy joy to ride.


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My current favorite, mainly because it's the most satisfying in my stable of two, is a 1975 Motobecane Grand Touring. Which, as I understand, really did not fit the conventional description of a touring bike in 1975 any more than today. But at the original weight of 27 pounds, plus fenders and rack, I wasn't going to find a cheap replacement worth the bother. There is nothing remarkable about it, but it rides comfortably and the frame geometry works for me. I'm likely retiring it after this year - the cost and aggravation of acquiring French-sized components, and there are some major items needing replacement.

One of the features I've always loved about this bike is its strict adherence to the principle of Truth in Labeling:

2014 Purefix Sierra..My first single speed and I love it!!! Have only rode it free wheel, being 40 yrs old I'm afraid to try and ride it as a Fixie, but still having fun

The Crow..2014 Purefix Sierra

Thanks! I was actually on the boundary of Jeff Park/Forest glen so it could be considered either/or. I'm getting awfully decent at climbing on road bikes here in the mountains so I'm gonna miss it. I miss my old neighborhood... it's so unique and different from all the other neighborhoods in Chicago nowadays. Did you go to Farnsworth Elementary?

Chitown_Mike said:

Gene, those are all really beautiful bikes!  And welcome back, NW sider myself, Jeff Park area and went to grade school right by Forest Glen, and spent a lot of time on BMX bikes back in the woods there.

Gene B said:

Long time lurker, baby poster. I'm Gene, originally from the Northwest side(Forest Glen REPRESENT), way into bikes (don't even ask me how many I own) currently in SF but moving back to Chicago. And yes, feel free to tell me how crazy I am for wanting to move back.

-My C'dale Supersix Hi-Mod Ultimate is my 3rd. I climb and descend WAY faster on this bike than any other bike I own.

-My Handsome XOXO is my 2nd fave. It's more or less a copy of the Bridgestone XO-1 (sans the lugs, Ishiwata tubing and being touched by Grant Peterson's very hands) but I kind of use it as my gravel/commuter bike. It's a tank. I'm currently running it with an Ultegra 6700 drivetrain but the STI shifting's kinda wonky with moustache bars. I tried my friend's setup with Campy 10 ergos + Moustache bars and it was AMAZEBALLS, so I'm going to swap to that once I move back.

-My absolute fave is a 2005 Airborne Manhattan Project. It took me MONTHS to find a cool titanium frame (on craigslist/peeBay) but I'm glad I waited for this one to come around. I always get complimented for it and it's super nimble.

I'm really liking my 2012 Scott Metrix 10.  I have since put Stan's NoTubes Rims with Conti rubber, SKS fenders, Topeak rear rack, phone holder, etc. It has taken me along the entire Katy Trail in MO and all over the Chicagoland area.


I used to love my Cross-Checks, but now they sit in the corner gathering dust and spiderwebs while I wonder how much I could get for them.


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