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On my ride today just after 5pm I picked up a bike lock key, rear bike light and a bike computer off of the protected bike lane. I am guessing that you either left your saddle pouch open or got in an accident. If you have the lock for the key, then I know they belong to you.

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U-Lock Bump.

If no one claims it my neighbors are scrap metalers and will happily take it.    This poses a good question too - how long do you hold on to a ulock you find before recycling it?

Jaik - 4.3mi said:

Found a ULock today on the ride home, 6ish or so. It was on Northbound Milwaukee, where the overpass for 90 is. It could have been there a few hours, but not a day. 

If nobody claims it(with a key) I'm tossing it in recycling next week. I hope the owner claims it, I'll even go meet people, just so someone doesn't have to spend $50+

What brand of Ulock? 

I'm going to guess a week or so...maybe a few days more. I'll probably leave it on my back porch a couple extra days, but when it goes out, good idea about the scrappers. I'll leave it on top of the bin, that is if nobody claims it.

Julie Hochstadter said:

This poses a good question too - how long do you hold on to a ulock you find before recycling it?

It's an orange one, long and wide, Kryptonite more than likely, but it's completely faded. That leads me to believe that someone was using this daily, and carrying it in a pocket or bag.

It's got a flat key, and the lock barrel is one of the oval ones, not the older style(but still nice) cylinder. I should just take a picture, but the thing is at home. Maybe later. 

Julie Hochstadter said:

What brand of Ulock? 

U Lock found on Halsted (southbound) at Hubbard in the potholes of doom section under the tracks.  Placed it on top of the electrical box on the wall as I didn't have any way to carry it with.  If it's still there on the way home, I'll snag it and you can PM me for details on picking it up.

Did anyone lose a remote control on Damen Ave. in the southbound bike lane just south of Hutchinson and Damen, in North Center last week (5/30/14ish)?

I have it!


I helped a guy cut out a bungee cord that got wrapped around his rear wheel near Cortland and Hermitage on Saturday night 7/12. It was pouring rain. I was walking home from the Metra.

We lost the axle nut to reattach the wheel in the rain.

I was walking by there yesterday and found the axle nut. I think his name was Sean or Shawn. Big white dude with a goatee?

If anyone knows this guy, let him know. I posted this on Craigslist and EveryBlock, too.


On the ride home last night my Kryptonite u-lock fell from my rear rack! It was some point between Merchandise Mart & Logan Square(Kinzie/Milwaukee/Maplewood). I went over most of the path this morning, but didn't see it. It's a longer one, exactly like this. The orange coating on the bottom is tore about an inch, and it has about eight #10 rubber O-rings that are in place of the clip. Thankfully it's not my only lock.

I'm not sure if I'll see it again, but maybe I'll use this opportunity to get one of those fancy Abus Locks.

FOUND - I found a pair of sunglasses yesterday, 7/24/14, freshly dropped in the street on Racine just south of Belmont. Message me directly with a detailed description if they are yours!

A friend who doesn't use social media asked me to post this. If it's yours contact me here or at julie at thechainlink

Found:  Saturday, August 9.  Lock, in street at intersection of George and Racine.  

Description: medium duty Abus chain lock with black canvas chain cover.  Looks newish.  Similar to this one, but lock section is different.

Might as well....Kinda OT, because I was on a motorcycle but....

LOST: yesterday I lost a set of tent poles for my REI Quarter Dome somewhere between Norway, IL and Chicago. 


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