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Ever wonder what all those sailboats are up to out there on the Lake? There's one way to find out. I need a few enthusiastic souls to help me race my sailboat this summer. More info on my website, and some pics over here.

So, why bring this up on a cycling forum? You guys are made for sailing, I swear. Get a thrill riding in traffic? Just wait until you see the chaos of a 20 boat fleet 30 seconds before the starting gun. Need to tone those arms while resting those cycling legs? Then grind that line in. Enjoy riding 3-4 seasons in Chicago?  Good. Sometimes we get 3-4 seasons in one race.  Ride brakeless?  We don't have brakes on sailboats, either (and Truant weighs 4 tons). And the Lake Front Path goes right by Monroe Harbor, where we are moored.

Drop me a note if you want to know more.


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Lol, sounds like only the bikers who work for love instead of sailors who work for money are gonna go for this one. I don't think anyone who rides without a brake has enough sense to be trusted with peoples lives on a sailing rig either, but 'hey' I only start trouble around here.
I might be up for it.
This sounds very interesting.
What kind of boat? I am a trans-atlantic sailor with 15 or so years of racing experience. Have sailed pretty much anything from a Laser to all the way upto a 54 footer. Can do pretty much anything; drive, trim mainf and genny, tactics, pit...As long as I am not stuck being the foredeck, I am happy. I feel I have put in more than fair share of my foredeck requirements in...Drop me a line @

I've been recreational sailing for 10 years but have always wanted to race.
What harbor are you in?

The wife and I would be interested in joining your crew. She has no experience while I have crewed on Solings and J Class sailboats in the S.F. Bay. Of course its been about 5 years since I did that, but what the hell eh! Any way ya can e-mail me at,
I *love* this part of the website detailing more information...

Whats my commitment? "Show up on time most Saturdays May - July. We usually start at 9:30 am. Bring beer or snacks."

What is this going to cost me? "Hard to tell. Your only out of pocket expense to begin with will be beer, gloves.."

What kind of beer? "I love a good craft brew, probably more than the next guy, but we don’t allow bottled beer in the ice box. Broken glass mixed with ice is not fun. Luckily, just about everything that comes in cans tastes good on the way back to the harbor. Except Coors Light. Coors Light also makes the boat slow. "
I am soooo In! my expriance is limited to small sunfish sailboats . But I am a master at Knots!
Paul, we're in Monroe Harbor. My transition from recreational sailor to racer is nearly complete; I think I went out just goofing around maybe three times last summer.

chixieonfixie, wow, I hadn't noticed how many times I mentioned beer. It turns out that bringing enough beer, without bringing too much beer (extra weight is slow), gets a disproportionate amount of attention. Beer comes in handy not while racing, but on the way back and while putting the boat's sails and equipment away.

jen, if you can tie bowlines, clove hitches and figure eight stopper knots, you're ready.

Ali, Chuck, I'll send you guys emails.
i sail 20-30 days a season but haven't done any racing. (the Dulcinea a 28' CMC out of desabo harbor)

between trailwork, ridding and mountaineering, my time commitment may be limited, but i'd be interested.
This would so awesome! I always wanted to try to sail. Alas too bad that I have ZERO experience, can't swim and the only knots I know are for shoelaces. :-(

Hi Walter, I'm interested as well. I've raced with encore out of belmont last summer/fall in the weekly beercan races so I have a little experience. Are you doing the Mac this year?



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