Local film about a female bike messenger needs YOUR support on Kickstarter!

The Alley Cat is a feature film by local director Marie Ullrich, about a Chicago bike messenger. 

We have only two weeks to meet our funding goal~  please back us on Kickstarter and help us spread the word to your network of friends, cycling buddies, coworkers, Facebook, etc!


The Story

The events of The Alley Cat take place during a single night.  Jasper, the main character, is the same character from the short film Faster! in a completely new set of circumstances.


We meet Jasper and her messenger friends during an alley cat race - an alcohol-fueled competition that is put on by bike messengers for bike messengers in alleys and deserted downtown streets in the middle of the night. The night takes a hard turn and becomes chaotic, then a meditation on the meaning of life and a spiritual journey for Jasper as she engages with the eccentrics and loners of the night during her ride to a mysterious destination.


By taking place during one night, the film exists in a liminal space. This liminality is echoed by the events that occur - things are overturned and unresolved.  This liminality is part of Jasper’s character; the mythological Messenger communicates between the gods, the mortals, and the underworld, occupying no space fully. The film occupies a dark space, but ends with hope and a new day.

TONS more information available at our Kickstarter page.

Thanks, Chainlink Peeps!

~ Marie

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