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Lobster Cooker!
Lobster-cooking bike trainer?
Okay, i want to know who it was who decided that a lobster looked like it might be something good to eat...
Maybe I am missing something, but why do you need a cooker just for lobster (i.e. why not just any old pot)?
I dont know but i just found it funny how the bike trainer has a picture of some dude with a lobster pot in a garage with no bike trainer to be found....did any of you click on the link?
just clicked on the link! thats hilarious!
I don't think that man is wearing pants...
Where's the link?
Click on the word hilarious at the top of the discussion...

Amy Y said:
Where's the link?
OK I am staring at the picture and I feel like this is a puzzle to be solved, almost like a SAT analogy:

bicycle trainer is to ______ as lobster cooker is to ____________

possibilities are endless - pantless man in red apron? dying lobster? strenuous activity?

if you look hard enough, the underside of that lobster almost look like it's made of the same material as the bicycle trainer, inexplicably metallic...??
a well rounded person would have both?
Maybe the man is a bicycle trainer, as in, he'll train you to ride a bicycle. It's for people who don't know how to ride.


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