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Do they exist?  I don't need a big honkin pair of winter gloves for a day like today, but I've discovered that soaking wet gloves are just as gross feeling as soaking wet socks. Any recommendations?



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waterproof motorcycle gloves!

plastic bags in a pinch!

Depends on how much you're willing to spend.  There's probably hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of waterproof gloves out there.  Do you want mittens or gloves?  I'm a mitten fan for riding, personally.  


REI has some of their waterproof mittens on sale.  I just bought some with waterproof liners for 26 bucks or so.  Hopefully they work out.  I plan to use some wool blend mittens underneath if need be.  

Neoprene is a little warm, but they sell gloves made out of this at army surplus stores and other places for not a terrible amount of money.
I just picked up a $3 pair of gloves at Menard's.  They are cotton, but the outside was dipped in something to create a waterproof shell.  I've used them a few times and they work great on days like today.  They are big enough that I can put them on over my regular biking gloves.


Here's my trick, and I'm the king of cheapness/frugality FYI. Use any type of thin gloves you have, and as a second layer slip on medical (thin rubber) gloves. I know, maybe a bit weird for the self-conscious, but works like a charm. Dollar stores sell the gloves.




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