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Let's Stop Bitching about the Oil Spill and DO SOMETHING

I want to organize a fundraising event, or a series of them if it's a popular idea. Let's do something besides ride around booing at gas stations, guys. Let's be a proactive community of advocates for cleaner, healthier transportation and send a positive message to our city.

I'm thinking the first of such events could be a "by-donation" bike wash. Let's get out our chain-brite, our toothbrushes, our chain cleaners, our rags, etc and spend a Saturday cleaning bikes, say at the Polish Triangle or some other popular intersection for bike traffic.

Then let's send all that money to a relief fund for the Gulf. Maybe we have employers who will match our contributions? Maybe ActiveTrans will sponsor? Who knows?

Also, I'd love to make spoke cards to hand out to anyone who donates any amount of money for the event.

I'm just tired of being a bitch about it. I want to feel like I did something, and my limited ability to actually travel south and clean the coast with my hands means I have to clean something here and send money to the people who ARE more capable than I am!

So what do you guys think? Can we do this?

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If you build it, they will come!
oh whups... thanks gabe!

Gabe said:
Thoughts on this?

Directly helping families who have lost their jobs and income due to the spill, sending their kids to school with adequate supplies. I'm a huge advocate of education so personally this meets my goals for helping in this situation. But I want to run it by the larger group, to get at least a viable consensus.

The sort of money we will raise at this event will probably be reasonable for giving in this way.

I caught wind of this idea after calling a friend of mine yesterday who is down in Louisiana right now and had told me things like this are in great need because the media attention is not focusing on these perspectives of the spill's impact.

Here is an official site if anyone wants to do more research, but I have to choose TODAY so I can make a flyer.

Please leave thoughts and comments, thanks.
Excellent Choice Joe!!! ;-)
Great, because I definitely jumped the gun :D

Gabe said:
Excellent Choice Joe!!! ;-)
So who's bringin what? ;-)
Everyone volunteering should bring at least a rag, toothbrush, bucket and bottle of cleaning stuff.

I will bring extras, and Iggi mentioned he has extra buckets

Also, poster board and fat felt markers... can anyone supply that? I'm looking at you, Lorena ;D

Gabe said:
So who's bringin what? ;-)
I've got a toothbrush and rags. Will look for cleaning stuff.
Ok Joe, Round 2!

We know S&G's is on our side. This time if we plan more in advance I might be able to get a shout out on B96 (at the least) or perhaps a street team from B96 to come out.

I know a DJ there, and now that we've got 1 under our belt and some experience, i figured we can kick it up a notch! ;-)

Who is in for another bike cleaning event? ;-) August Edition! ;-)

And someone has my Fatty marker from last time so please bring to next time for poster boards. ;-)
August 29

The children's foundation will not be an option this time, so it's up for grabs who we raise money for

Local Chicago cycling advocates? Literacy programs? Other gulf programs?

Also, we need to do a lunch time ride next Saturday to deliver a signed thank you card to John and spend money there....


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