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Thought you might find this interesting. Haven't finished it yet, but will when I get back from the grocery store." target="_blank

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Thanks for posting, Eric. That's a fascinating--and disturbing--article. Reflecting on the violent acts I've heard about through Chainlink, it makes me think that some sort of advocacy is needed, someone to fight for the safety of people on bikes. But how can you fight teenage boredom and stupidity?

I'll continue to ride my bike through the West side; I'll just hope like hell nothing bad happens to me when I do.
Just finished reading it. All I can say is Wow! I used to ride my bike down lake street all the time to the stuido I was working at on the west side.( well fulton to lake) All I ever got was crazy stares. Mabye because it was snowing and I had bright pink hair. Scary to think this can happen in a blink of an eye.
it is a shame since most of the time we get hurt on our own w/o help from larry.
just more fuel to the fire
Over all a good article. It mirrors many of my own thoughts and feelings after my attack in July.
I don't ride through that area, nor do I have the inclination too. However, I do ride from Roscoe through Lincoln Park frequently, and with the recent robberies there, I too am afraid of this experience.
It is a great article--definitely worth the read. There are so many stories like this abounding these days. Granted, the chances are probably still pretty slim given the vast number of cyclists and the small number of attacks. Still, it's always good to be wary of pedestrians.
I was almost knocked off my bike by Cabrini (at 2am, dumb) and then hit on the side of the head at 5000 W Division at 4pm. The second attack definitely changed the way I felt about riding, especially in those parts. I don't think Lake is the best route; there's a good discussion here:



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