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Well, we just completed our very first tour!

We chose to do 1/2 of the tour around the Lake Michigan. We started in Manitowoc, WI, and toured clock-wise through the U.P. to Ludington, MI. We then took the SS Badger across Lake Michigan back to our car in Manitowoc and drove home to Chicago. 450 cycling miles in total over 7 days. The tour was tough and we got help from a few folks along the way, including Steve from City Bikes. He delivered a new tire to us 1.5 miles outside of Traverse City after we had a tire sidewall blow out. Many lessons were learned and the next tour we do will be even better. Enjoy the pics below:

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Lake Effect!

I love your Tidy Cats panniers!

Thanks, we are long time users of the rear panniers. This was our first shot at front panniers. I used a cheap galvanized steel L-bracket with pre-drilled holes as primary support. The front quick release skewers went through the L-bracket holes so that the main load was bearing on the brackets/skewers. Then it was just a matter of a bunch of zip-ties to keep them from moving. It worked really well although the positioning was not great so there was some toe-overlap. Perhaps I'll upload the build directions for others someday....

Looks like a fun trip on a nice route.

Thanks for posting the pictures.

Do you have more information on the route you took?

Great trip and pics!!!!! Congratulations! Looks like fun!

Wow, what an awesome trip! I'm definitely jealous. Congrats!


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